Simultaneous or consecutive

Our interpreters are by your side for a variety of occasions to make smooth communication in various languages a reality.

  • Meetings
  • Company visits
  • Contract negotiations
  • Conversations
  • Company dinners
  • Company trips
  • Seminars and presentations
  • Press conferences
  • Fairs
  • Weddings and celebrations of all kinds
  • Official appointments
  • International conferences and conventions
  • ...and much more!

The right interpreter for your event

While translators translate a foreign-language text in writing, interpreters merely provide an oral translation. Both experts require in-depth cultural and linguistic understanding, expertise and the ability to communicate speedily and clearly, meaning they need to think on their feet.

Interpreting occurs at the moment, and interpreters have no access to dictionaries or reference materials because their services are provided simultaneously and on-site. They need expertise, experience and a capacity to react quickly.

It goes without saying that they need to be fluent in the source as well as in the target language, as they transfer instantly in both directions without the support of auxiliary or reference materials (whereas translators generally only work in one direction, namely into their native language).

For this reason, interpreters have to familiarise themselves with the specialist field, technical jargon and specific vocabulary of the language in advance of an assignment.

Court certified interpreters

Interpreters are required, for example, at court proceedings or contract negotiations, presentations, conferences, trade fairs, guided tours, etc. Sprachen Koll GmbH can also assist you with court-certified translators. Sprachen Koll GmbH frequently provides interpretation services for various courts and public prosecutor’s offices in Austria and can, therefore, also rely on expertise and years of experience in this area.

Professional interpreters in all language combinations

Sprachen Koll has the appropriate interpreter with the language combination you require. Whether it is Vienna, Linz or any other place, our sworn interpreters are right by your side. We interpret for you in English, French, and Spanish. You can rely on us at court, during negotiations, presentations, conferences, etc.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

There are two basic types of interpreting:

1. Simultaneous interpreting The speaker’s statements are translated almost simultaneously into the target language in simultaneous interpreting. This usually takes place in an interpreting booth, where a team of two to three interpreters usually assist each other and take turns due to the high demands on concentration and voice. They hear the speaker through headphones and speak into a microphone, the signal of which is sent to the headphones of the audience.

2. Consecutive interpreting In consecutive interpreting, also known as conference interpreting, the interpretation is time-delayed (consecutive). The interpreter is able to take notes during the presentation, if necessary, and then recite the target text. As this form of interpreting is more time-consuming than e.g., simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter will try to reproduce the speech in a streamlined and well-structured form. This type of interpreting is required in various settings, e.g. at international meetings or at hospitals.

A further distinctive type of interpreting these days is video or telephone interpreting.

Sprachen Koll, the translation agency in Austria, is your point of contact when you require interpreting services – be it for court-certified interpreters or court interpreters or conference interpreters. We have professional interpreters in all language combinations.

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