Get operating manuals professionally translated

There are certain aspects to consider to obtain a high-quality translation of an operating manual in the respective target language.

We will provide you with a customised offer for translating your operating manuals or handbooks precisely tailored to your needs!

Do you need highly technical translations? No problem!

The translation of user manuals constitutes a comprehensive field of translation.

The translation of manuals covers a wide range of technical translations, from the instruction sheet for a washing machine or a pharmaceutical mixing plant to handbooks for packaging plants.

In addition to the usual requirements for translators, i.e. diligence, accuracy and expertise in the respective language combination, the translator's specialist knowledge plays a decisive role in the translation of operating manuals, handbooks and instruction sheets.

In all areas of technical translation, knowledge of technical terminology and the processes involved in equipment operation is a fundamental factor in professionally and reliably translated operating manuals.

Sprachen Koll GmbH employs experts in translating your operating manuals, technical handbooks, or instruction sheets. You can rely on our specialist translators to apply the native speaker principle when translating your operating manuals.

Furthermore, we guarantee a professional technical translation of the highest quality by reviewing the translation according to our two-person rule.

Translations of handbooks, operating manuals, and instruction sheets

The accurate and reliable translation of the contents of operating manuals is of paramount importance, as the correct assembly, trouble-free commissioning, appropriate maintenance and other essential features of a device or system depend on it. Only when these requirements are met is proper operation guaranteed and the risk of damage to the machine and the operator kept to a minimum.

The experts at Sprachen Koll GmbH know that linguistic and cultural subtleties can make a big difference when translating user guides and instruction sheets. If too little attention is paid to these nuances in translation, a text may appear ambiguous and complicated.

However, the aim of translating operating instructions is to produce clear, concise, and understandable text so that the user can follow it easily and safely.

What do translations of operating manuals cost?

The cost of translating technical texts, such as instruction sheets, depends on several variables. The costs cannot be determined as a flat rate because the scope and the desired deadline, the text's complexity, and the language combination can influence the calculation of the costs. In addition, research work is often required and must be taken into account.

Please feel free to contact us for a non-binding quote.

Get your handbook translated into any language

The translation of instructions for use and operating manuals into the official language of the country in which the products are to be used is obligatory in the EU.

Sprachen Koll GmbH translates your operating manuals into almost all languages for you – reliably and professionally. In German-speaking countries, translations of operating manuals from English into German are in high demand, but the language combination Russian-German is just as common for operating manuals as translations from Chinese languages.

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